The new studio address is: 

312 44TH ST. SUITE 100 MARION, IOWA 52302


  At Tire Trained, we provide a fun and welcoming environment for people to work out, learn new ways to move their body, to feel STRONG, to have fun with their workouts, and not feel judged while doing it.

Our workouts are for EVERYONE {no matter your fitness level} and EVERYONE is supported here.

Come get your sweat on in a FUN group training atmosphere! Tire Trained is a group training session that uses functional fitness to blast your heart rate up, burn fat, and condition your muscles. ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME! At your Tire Trained session you will be using tires and other fun equipment (including our own bodies) to get fit! Exercises include tire flipping, burpees, pushups, squats, tire kicks, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, plank exercises, lunges, sledgehammer swings, and MORE.

WHERE:   312 44TH ST. SUITE 100 MARION, IOWA 52302  

SESSION LENGTH: 45 minutes - 1 hour 


$10/single session {plus tax}

$49/monthly unlimited membership {plus tax}

Packages - 5 classes/$45 - 10 classes/$85 - 25 classes/$200

PLEASE NOTE: Admission (both single session & membership) is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another date or individual and is NOT REFUNDABLE - no exceptions. You purchase your session/membership with the risk that you may not be able to attend for one reason or another.  Memberships are auto-renewed each month unless otherwise requested by the client. You must contact the business directly to cancel your membership.  The best way to do this is to private message the Tire Trained Facebook business page.  You may also email us at info@tiretrained.com with your cancellation request.  

*You will need to sign a waiver prior to beginning Tire Trained sessions. If you do not sign a waiver you will not be able to participate. 

**There is no child care provided. (Children are not allowed during class unless they are a paid participant in the class) 





At a Tire Trained Standard class you will experience a total body hybrid training workout.  Anything goes with a Standard class!  You may engage in strength training, HIIT cardio, functional training (tires & sledgehammers), core work and more.


Barbell Club {PUSH} is a strength training class focusing on the "push" muscle groups.  These include chest, triceps, quad-based leg exercises, shoulders, & sometimes abs. This class is done in an interval, circuit-base setting so you can expect to get the heart rate up and SWEAT!


Glute Camp is a class solely focused on working the {you guessed it} GLUTES!  Strong & sculpted glutes not only look great but they can also help to protect the back when engaging in physical activity like the workouts executed at Tire Trained.  


 Barbell Club {PULL} is a strength training class focusing on the "pull" muscle groups.  These include back, biceps, hamstrings, shoulders, & sometimes abs. This class is done in an interval, circuit-base setting so you can expect to get the heart rate up and SWEAT! 


Open Gym is an unstructured session where you are free to work on things you want to work on.  There is no timer running - just music and an open gym full of possibility.  You can use this time to work on your form to improve performance during structured classes, learn new lifts, and/or try new movements.   


Butts & Guts is all about GLUTES & ABS!! You will experience an interval based workout with stations alternating between glute exercises and abdominal exercises. Building strong glutes and a strong core will help to build a foundation to protect your back while engaging in the challenging movements involved in a regular Tire Trained fitness regimen.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for a single session or a monthly membership.  There are 2 ways to book your  classes - online or in the Vagaro app.  The app is our preferred way to book so you can have your check-in code ready upon arrival to your class.


What you need to know:

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes


Please wear a different pair of shoes to the studio and change into clean athletic shoes when you arrive.  This helps to keep our studio floor as clean as possible.

Download the Vagaro App

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes


Download the Vagaro app before you arrive to class.  You will find a QR code under your profile that you will use to check in upon arrival.

Sign a Waiver

Bring A Clean Pair of Shoes

Sign a Waiver


You need to sign a waiver & release of liability before you are able to participate in a class.  The waiver is available in the app or online when you book your classe


Membership Auto-Renewal

Sign a Waiver


Park your car in the designated parking spaces in the parking lot.  Do not park directly in front of the building - this space is reserved for coaches to park.

Membership Auto-Renewal

Membership Auto-Renewal

Membership Auto-Renewal


Memberships will automatically renew each month on the date that you signed up for your membership.  If you do not plan to renew your membership at any point in time, please contact us.

Come As You Are

Membership Auto-Renewal

Membership Auto-Renewal


Please COME AS YOU ARE.  It is important to us that we have representation from all walks of life and all fitness levels.  We have people in our tribe from very fit people to very beginners.  We want you to find a comfortable fitness home at Tire Trained so you can simply focus on being YOUR BEST SELF.




1. Members are allowed THREE (3) no shows in a 90 day period. Any account with no shows beyond THREE within that 90 day period will be charged $10.70 (class fee + tax) per class with “no show” status.

2. Non-members (aka single session attendees) will be charged $10.70 (class fee + tax) for any and all no shows. Single session attendees do not get the 3 no show allowance.

3. We allow cancellation of classes up to 1 HOUR prior to class time. If you do not cancel prior to that and you do not show up to class, you will be marked as a no show and your account will be marked and charged accordingly - no questions asked and no explanation needed.

4. It is a black and white policy. It is not personal. It is plain & simple - if you do not follow the cancellation procedure and you do not show up, you are counted as a no show. Period.

5. Please do not reach out to coaches personally if you will not make it to class. We do not need to intervene in your personal business. All we need from you is for you to follow the proper procedure for cancelling your class.

6. We understand that life happens and that is why we allow our members THREE no shows in a 90 day period before the account is charged.

Our clientele at Tire Trained is full of committed and dedicated people. People who want to be here and thrive with their fitness regimen, and therefore, thrive in LIFE. We need to be sure we are honoring the strong mentality of our tribe by avoiding the abandonment of class spots. We love each and every one of you and have high expectations so that you can be your best self. We will not let you slack. We will hold you accountable. Most importantly, we will be here for you!

⬇️ 90 DAY PERIODS ⬇️

➡️ October 1-December 31
➡️ January 1 - March 31
➡️ April 1-June 30
➡️ July 1-September 30



You must be ON TIME for group training sessions!  This is especially important if you are new.  As a group we warm up and you will receive an instructional tutorial for each exercise including options for exercise modification.  If you miss this, you risk injury due to not properly warming up and lacking explanation about proper form for each exercise.