Meet Your Tire Trained Coaches!



My name is Amanda Campbell and I am the owner & head coach at Tire Trained. I have a daughter, Bayli, who is 9 years old and in 4th grade. She is my biggest motivation in this life and I work as hard as I do for her. You will likely see her around Tire Trained when you attend a class. You may even workout next to her sometime - she loves to participate in class.   

In 2015 I went through a physique transformation of my own and it changed my life. Not only my physical health improved but my mental and emotional state improved as well. I had a such a strong desire to share my love for fitness with others so, long story short, I started Tire Trained in May 2018.  

I have LOVED watching the transformations occur in the Tire Trained space. So many people have come through and shared their testimonials of growth - physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is truly a dream come true for me to do this work everyday. I really believe it is my life’s work.   

My favorite class at Tire Trained is Barbell Club. You get the best of both worlds - strength training & cardio. The class is interval based so while lifting weights you are able to get that heart rate up contributing to that body recomposition and fat loss goal!  

My goal as your coach is to welcome you with a “come as you are” approach, educate you about proper form for exercises, motivate you to push yourself during class, inspire you to reach your goals, and to push you to grow as a whole person. I can’t wait to meet you at class and assist you along your fitness journey! 



My name is Kourtni Reynolds and I am a Coach and “Director Of Awesomeness” here at Tire Trained! I have an amazing husband Carl, and two wonderful kiddos, AubriAnn (10) and Elijah (7). 

I have been a “gym junkie” since as long as I can remember, jumping from gym to gym trying to find the “right” fit. I always seemed to find an excuse for why a gym wasn’t right for me. January 2019, I decided to try Tire Trained for the first time. We were in the basement of a church with just a few weights, tires, and ropes, yet I kept coming back. I quickly realized that I was never looking for a flashy gym with all the right machines. I was looking for a group that I could feel APART of. A group that had similar goals as me, that were going to come in everyday and KILL IT, and push me to KILL IT. A Tribe. And that is exactly what I found. 

I worked on myself physically and mentally and my growth (thankfully) caught the eye of Amanda for an assistant position (or Director Of Awesomeness) as of June 2019. I have enjoyed this position so much! It has allowed me to see all the behind the scenes things that not everyone gets to see. 

I love all of our classes for many different reasons, but there is 2 classes that are my favorite. One is Glute Camp because there is just something about having a strong lower base to your body that makes you feel stronger overall. Since we engage every muscle in our lower bodies during this class the next day or two you are feeling it and just KNOW that you are getting results. But Open Gym has a special place in my heart because it is there that I get to explore and I feel like I really flourish and show myself how much I can really do, and how powerful I really am.

After so much continued growth, lots of late night talks after class, and I am sure some sleepless nights, we came to a time that we needed more! More classes, more times, more days, MORE SPACE! So I was SO honored when I was brought aboard as a Coach in September 2019. I am so excited for this, and I look forward to helping each and every person who comes in that door, leave with just a little more confidence each day. 

Thank you for trusting in me and I will always be one of your biggest cheerleaders!



My name is Erin Foizey—I am one of the Fitness coaches here at Tire Trained. I am 33 yrs young and a mother of 3 beautiful children: Christian (11) Liam (5) and Calliope *Poppy* (4). They are the center of everything I do and bring me so much joy.

During the day I run my own in home daycare for going on 3 yrs. This has blessed me in so many ways—including getting to stay home with my children.

I have such a love for yoga, dance and music!
I hope to bring that yoga love to our tribe someday soon!

My journey with Tire Trained stared close to the very beginning back in July 2018. The transformation this tribe has done for my mind body and soul is indescribable. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know myself on a healthier level and truly get so fired up about sharing this passion with everyone that comes through our door.

If I had to pick a favorite class we hold at Tire Trained it would have to be Glute Camp.  I mean, who doesn’t like to work da booty?!

I’m honored to be a part of this tribe as a client and a coach and can’t wait to see you in a class—whether that be one I’m coaching or one I am working out along side you!  

Would you like more information? Let me know how I can help!

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My Mission:

To help individuals find flexible, realistic, & long-term solutions to fitness and nutrition. 

 To provide a FUN and welcoming environment for people to workout, learn new ways to move their body, to have fun with their workouts and not feel judged while doing it.  Our workouts are for EVERYONE.